Altus Impact – environmental and sustainability consultants

Valuing our natural capital

Helping businesses understand their inputs and dependencies and positive and negative impacts on the environment through application of the Natural Capital Protocol framework.

Habitat restoration

Designing and supporting policies that accelerate landscape restoration and enable habitat co-benefits, such as biodiversity conservation, catchment integrity, mitigating carbon emissions and improved crop yields.

Greening your business

Helping to put your organization at the forefront of sustainability leadership, through technical support in evaluating impacts, strategic advisory services and stakeholder communication.

Ecosystem service valuation

In-field environmental economics research to help determine changes in natural capital values.


Altus Impact is an innovative environmental consulting company working towards greener growth and sustainable futures.

We work with public and private organisations to find solutions to pressing development and environment challenges. By using state-of-the-art tools and approaches from the natural and social sciences, we deliver quality analysis & recommendations that drive impactful changes.

Professional services & expertise

Natural capital assessments

Expert number crunchers, Altus Impact works with both public and private sector decision-makers to help them understand their natural capital impacts and dependencies - from business supply chains to development projects - in order to inform better management decisions.

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Policy strengthening

Altus Impact partners have significant experience in design and implementation of policy in support of conserving natural capital and in assessing and measuring the impacts of policy changes on organisations for risk mitigation and identifying opportunities.

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Business transformation

Greening business: Altus Impact can help your company reduce your supply risk and exposure to a range of environmental and natural resource issues in your supply chain, such as deforestation and carbon emissions.

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Improved land use planning

Using the TEEB framework, Altus Impact also has experience on-the-ground in determining value changes of ecosystem services and economic input contingencies under different land use scenarios.


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Strategic advisory services

Altus Impact provides unmatched advice on strategy development and implementation across the board from SMEs to start ups to public agencies, including essential partner identification, to help you follow a greener trajectory and ensure greener growth.

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Program evaluation

Ensuring program deliver on promises is increasingly important in a budget-constrained world. Donors and departments are expecting more with less, co-benefits, clear attribution and recognition for delivery and unsentimental early exits from poorly performing investments.


Partnering with start-ups and SMEs

Find out how Altus Impact can partner-up with your enterprise to help you drive your business towards its sustainability goals through our partnership for sustainability program.

Altus Impact can put your start-up or SME at the forefront of sustainability leadership with FREE consultation opportunities.

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The Altus Impact team

Chloe Hill

Chloe Hill

Chloe is a sustainability expert with over 12 years of professional experience in the international development sector as well as a PhD in Environmental Governance & Sustainable Development. She is a founding partner of Altus Impact.

Founding partner

Policy and Strategy

Ph.D. in Sustainable Development

Speaks English and Spanish

Andrew Buckwell

Andrew Buckwell

Andrew is an environmental economist, business strategist and digital developer. He writes on greening business, sustainable communities, climate change, coral reef conservation and ecosystem services markets. Andrew is a Founding Partner of Altus Impact.

Founding partner

Strategy and Policy

MA in Environmental Economics

BA Economics

Vanja Westerberg

Vanja Westerberg

Vanja is an environmental economist with 10 years of professional experience in applied research and project management. She has a Ph.D. in Environmental Economics. Vanja is a Founding Partner of Altus Impact.

Founding partner

Economics and Policy

Ph.D. in Environmental Economics

Speaks Danish, French and English

Who we work with

Small to medium sized enterprise office

Private sector

Altus Impact can work with SMEs and corporates on their journeys towards delivering on environmental sustainability metrics, even within competitive environments. We take a programmatic approach to understanding your business and working with to continually improve your environmental performance.

Palais de Nations, Geneva

Inter-governmental and non-governmental organisations

Altus Impact partners have more than 30 years experience of working for and in inter-governmental organisations, such as the UN and IUCN. In this time it has developed an effective network of practitioners, professionals and donor organisations and has insider’s knowledge of the international policy-making system.

Skyscrapers in a city setting

Governments & public sector

Altus Impact can provide strategic advice on shaping coherent, evidence-based and outcomes-driven policy, enabling them to do more with less and generate measurable great opportunities for national, regional and municipal governments to shape our pathway to sustainable communities. 


Altus Impact understands the value of partnerships, in remaining flexible and competitive and offering the greatest value to clients.

If you are interested in establishing a partnership, or believe you may have a project that requires Altus Impact's services, contact us.

Collaborate with us

Natural Capital Coalition logo

Altus Impact is a member of the Natural Capital Coalition

The Natural Capital Coalition is a global, multi stakeholder platform formed to develop and support the uptake of a harmonised, practical method to value environmental and social externalities for use in business decision-making. Our scope will initially focus on environmental externalities – so called "natural capital".

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