Our journey

Road through a forest

In mid-2015, Chloe, who had been working for an NGO in Cambodia, found a message in her Linkedin inbox from Vanja, an ex-colleague from her IUCN-Switzerland days: a far cry from the jungles of the Greater Mekong!

Vanja was asking for advice about the freelance consulting world - a world that Chloe had become very familiar with in her career. Having not spoken for years, they re-connected again and within a single Skype call, career aspirations, professional goals and global frustrations were shared and they decided to bring together their entrepreneurial spirits and create a joint venture.

Altus means 'profound' in Latin, a name which Chloe and Vanja chose to reflect their intentions of really get to the nitty-gritty of solving global sustainability issues. Maximising their clients impact was their mission, so 'impact' was a natural companion for Altus: so Altus Impact!

Towards the end of 2015, and fairly serendipitously, Vanja met Andrew in Geneva at the infamous Thursday night cheese and wine market in Les Grottes. A few conversations and meetings  later, Andrew - eager to get involved with this dynamic start up and build up the Altus Impact digital interface, whilst at the same time apply his skills in environmental economics - joined the team officially in January 2016 at the first Altus Impact retreat in Switzerland.

Since 2016, we have been working with a number of experts with different specialist backgrounds who now feature as core members of our advisory team. Jesse also joined as a partner in late 2016.

Go and meet the team to find out more about these brilliant people with whom we collaborate with and who help make the Altus Impact magic happen.