Who we work with

We work with both public and private organisations to find solutions at the intersection of the economy, environment and civil society and communicate these to the world to maximize impact.

Small & Medium Enterprises

SMEs face particular challenges in driving their sustainability agendas,with cash-flow and return on investments felt acutely in such a competitive environment. Altus Impact can work with SMEs on their journeys towards delivering on environmental sustainability metrics, even within competitive environments. 

Start-ups & social enterprises

Altus Impact partners have all experienced the buzz and excitement of having worked with social enterprises and start-ups. These are the people who shake up the world and change the paradigms. They also have special requirements when it comes to cash flow. Altus Impact is willing to explore mutually beneficial ways to grow both your enterprise.


Altus Impact partners have more than 30 years experience of working for and in inter-governmental and non-governmental organisations, such as the UN and IUCN. In this time it has developed an effective network of practitioners, professionals and donor organisations and has insider’s knowledge of the international policy-making system.

Municipal & city governments

With over half the world's population now living in cities, municipal governments are in a unique position in shaping how communities make the shift to greater environmental sustainability. Altus Impact can assist in building robust economic arguments in support of green infrastructure and sustainable building codes.

National governments

National government policy defines the context for nearly all environmental action on the ground or in business. Altus Impact can provide strategic advice on shaping coherent, evidence-based and outcomes-driven policy, enabling them to do more with less and generate measurable outcomes.

Research & Learning Institutions

Altus Impact works closely with various learning institutions to help develop course materials and relevant curriculums connected to sustainability, environmental economics and hands on case studies from the field. We also work with academia by collaborating and contributing to research projects.