Andrew Buckwell

Andrew Buckwell

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Environmental Economist & Digital

Andrew is an environmental economist, sustainable business strategist and digital communications professional.

Andrew is a specialist in:

  • economic data analysis;
  • economic field research, particularly non-market valuation;
  • social benefit cost analysis;
  • strategic communications;
  • digital and website development;
  • research and writing.

Andrew has worked on and written a range of a papers, including ecosystem services assessment of Vanuatu, design of market-based mechanisms to reduce stressors to the Great Barrier Reef and the role of insurance markets in driving climate change adaptation.

Andrew also lectures part time in environmental economics at Griffith University, as part of the Australian Rivers Institute.

Andrew also has 10 years experience in digital development, engagement, strategy and marketing, particularly in behaviour change for sustainability. He is specialist in user web and application interface design, useability and multimedia production. He has also assisted several businesses during their start-up phase

Andrew has a Masters degree in environmental economics from Griffith University in Brisbane and a First Class Honours Bacholor’s degree from the Open University in the United Kingdom.

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Buckwell, A., Ware, D., Fleming, C., Smart, J. C., Mackey, B., Nalau, J., & Dan, A. (2019). Social benefit cost analysis of ecosystem-based climate change adaptations: a community-level case study in Tanna Island, Vanuatu. Climate and Development, 1-16.

Mackey, B., Ware, D., Nalau, J., Buckwell, A., Smart, J., Fleming, C., … Hallgren, W. (2017). Ecosystem and Socio-economic Resilience Analysis and Mapping (ESRAM) and associated works at multiple scales in Vanuatu. (Secretariat for the Pacific Regional Environment Programme, Ed.). Apia, Samoa. Retrieved from

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