Chloe J. Hill


Sustainability Strategist & Communications Specialist

Chloe is a content & communications specialist as well as a strategic mastermind with a strong sustainability background. She has 15 years of global experience in the international development sector and is a founding partner of Altus Impact. Chloe is interested in understanding how to communicate important ideas by crafting compelling messages that can leverage action and help place sustainability at the heart of public agendas and private sector business plans.

Chloe’s skillset covers:

  • data synthesis;
  • strategy planning and building;
  • programme design and implementation;
  • strategic & creative communications;
  • research and writing as well as digital storytelling;
  • creating training material;
  • network engagement;
  • partnership building

Prior to co-founding Altus, Chloe has worked on multiple projects around the world, including with the United Nations, IUCN, WWF, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition and the European Commission. She has on-the-ground experience in Latin America, Africa and South East Asia as well as several years experience working in Europe.

Thematically, Chloe’s work has focused on:

  • green financing and natural capital;
  • biodiversity action planning to improve natural resource management;
  • policy making in the environmental and social sectors;
  • developing green growth strategies;
  • establishing sustainable rural livelihood programmes;
  • assessing and communicating the links between climate change, ecosystem services and food security.

Chloe’s academic background is in science, policy and economics. She has completed a PhD in Environmental Governance & Sustainable Development from Loughborough University (UK), and a certificate in Agricultural Economics from SOAS University London. She also has completed courses in Innovation Strategy, Future Thinking and Content Design.