Hayley Bagnall

Hayley Bagnall

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Marketing & Innovation Specialist

Hayley is a complex problem solver, connector and impact tracker where sustainability acts as a thread running through her portfolio of work. She has 15 years experience understanding the motivations of people to enable effective collaboration and a more sustainable and equitable future to emerge. An ability to work fluidly across sectors, society and internationally ensures she responds to the needs of all those involved with relevant and meaningful outcomes. She has worked on projects around the world for corporate businesses, a corporate social responsibility agency, NGOs and Foundations, social enterprises, a multinational banking and financial services corporation and start-ups.

Her academic background is in International Marketing Management. She has evolved her skills and knowledge through the study of Biomimicry, Human-Centred Design, Impact Investing and last year completed a course on Urban Environmental Learning from Cornell University Civic Ecology Lab. In addition, she is a member of the Advisory Committee for a Foundation, Trustee of a Conservation Charity and last year joined the expert panel of an Innovative Consultancy. She has on the ground experience in Malaysia, South Africa and the UK. Hayley is currently based in The Netherlands.

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