Fair use of material

Altus Impact encourages open and robust debate on issues of environmental discourse and welcomes comments on its blog and use of its material in wider discussion.

As such, Altus Impact supports the concept of ‘fair use’ of its material in furthering the quality of discussion. Material from the blog or from this website can be reused for this purpose, but should be fairly attributed to Altus Impact. Our preference is for this to be done via a hyperlink to the relevant website page.

Otherwise, Altus Impact owns or licenses all content on this website and we assert our rights to be recognized as the authors of original material on this website.


The video on the home page was created by Altus Impact, but thanks is given to the following sources for the original footage that is used under the appropriate Creative Commons licence.


All imagery on this website is either owned as copyright, or obtained via an open licence, even for commercial use.

A proportion of this imagery is obtained from Pexels and special thanks is given to them.

In addition, credit for the icons goes to the following contributors from the Noun Project:

  • ‘Tree frog’ was created by Alex Dhuse
  • ‘Trees’ were created by EliRatus
  • ‘Wind turbine’ was created by Luis Prado
  • ‘Brainstorming’ was created by Björn Andersson
  • ‘Work group’  created by Gerald Wildmoser
  • ‘Magnifying glass’ was created by Patengerie
  • ‘Building’ was created by Creative Stall
  • ‘House’ was created by João Proença