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All too often the power of a message gets lost when not communicated in a way that makes sense to broader audiences.

In the environmental and social sectors, for example, if you are only aiming at technical audiences and those that have good scientific and or economics understanding, then fine. But perhaps the day has come when you really need to break down that technical jargon such as “internalizing environmental externalities” and “natural capital mainstreaming” and convey it in a way that:

  1. makes sense to a wider audience;
  2. is engaging and holds attention; and, most importantly;
  3. compels people to act.

All of this combined helps you to generate more impact and create that all-important behaviour change.

If this is what you’re after, then you need to bring in content specialists and first-rate writers: people who can take your technical content and re-work it into copy that is all of the above.

At Altus Impact, we believe scientists and companies need to communicate clearly and use simple language in order to help people understand and enjoy their stories – and make good decisions as a result.

Thankfully today, and unlike a few years back, we are starting to see more and more companies and organisations, both big and small, realize the importance of good copy and actually hire in writers to craft their messages appropriately.

Whilst hiring in-house writers may not be an option for everyone, seeking a lending hand is something important that needs to be considered, particularly when you and your team are wrangling with words and struggling to see through all the data and information to build the right messages. A writer might be that one missing piece to your puzzle.

Here we unravel what it means to be a good writer and why your organisation might need to consider hiring one or many to help you bring your work together.

The proof is in the pudding

So what is it that makes engaging with content crafters so worthwhile?

  • we focus on the bigger picture: While technocrats tend to focus on generating data and analysis, writers tend to focus on the bigger picture and helping you see the wood for the trees. We create solid structures and wireframes that enable your content to be unpacked succinctly and creatively.
  • we connect the dots: Writers function as the glue between the different pieces of information and weave your work together for you into a single product that champions consistency and enables a smooth read that makes sense.
  • we tailor make: Writers not only tailor your content using language that packs a punch, but we can also massage tone, pitch and rhythm to strike that perfect chord.
  • we go with the flow: We capture the meaning of your data and story tell the information interactively, taking you from one chapter to the next where your readers can’t help but turn the next page to find out more.
  • we push your understanding of your subject matter: We break down the jargon and help to explain difficult concepts as simply as possible using maximum intuition.
  • We have a way with words: From punchy eye catching headlines to a compelling narrative, we don’t just push out strong content, we collect your ingredients and cook up a storm, intricately lacing your information together to convey the messages that matter most to you and your audience.

So, what are you waiting for?

Altus Impact are proud to have leading content crafters on their team. Get in touch today if you want to know more about our magic word wands and how we can help you transform your every day technical jargon or business speak into messages that matter and have impact.

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