Content development for a IUCN Biodiversity Footprinting Guide

Client: The National Committee of the Netherlands of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN-NL)


IUCN Netherlands sough out support from Altus Impact to help with the preparation of a guide on Biodiversity Footprinting Tools and how to effectively inspire action among businesses and policymakers alike when it comes to decisions on biodiversity measurement.



Our Altus Impact consultants worked closely with IUCN NL to capture ideas, data and concepts on this topic into a well-structured guide. By applying creative content brainstorming, strategic content development and rigorous copyediting, Altus Impact transformed technical content into an easy-to-read, engaging and accessible guide for both companies and policymakers. Our consultants also developed an accompanying blog targeting both audiences and which has now been published on the IUCN NL website.


The guide was recently made available in 2020 and circulated widely on the IUCN NL website and other media platforms. The blog can be found here. It is hoped that the release of the Guide will spark further action in the biodiversity measurement realm, further contribute towards a blossoming community of practice and indeed, feed into the postponed CBD COP in 2021.