Content development for an internal position paper for WWF Netherlands


Client: WWF Netherlands


The new Food Practice of WWF Netherlands were needing assistance with the drafting of an internal position paper to discuss and make a case for sustainable production in resilient landscapes. The purpose of the paper was to acquire internal buy in and support across other WWF practices globally and to understand the importance of incorporating agriculture and food into conservation approaches.


Our consultant worked with the WWF NL Food practice team closely to develop an engaging and compelling narrative, along with a handful of case studies, to ensure that internal buy in was attained across the WWF network.


The paper was recently made available in 2020 and circulated amongst the WWF network. Thanks to these efforts the work of the Food Practice has been fully recognised and their approach taken on board. The Food Practice team continues to grow in capacity and importance, particularly as food security is set to be one of the biggest challenges of this century.