User research & Content development for a technical paper for the Dutch Environment Agency


Client: PBL (The Dutch Environment Agency)


The Dutch Environment Agency sought support from Altus Impact to help with the preparation of a technical paper on Integrated Land Use Management (ILM) and Natural Capital Accounting and how to effectively bring these two schools of thought and communities together, particularly when it comes to working towards the SDGs.



Our Altus Impact consultant was engaged to conduct customised user research in the form of semi-structured interviews that gathered key information from a range of stakeholders. This information was eventually fed into the paper and content was developed around the research that was conducted.


The paper was recently made available in 2020 and circulated widely. Thanks to the release of this paper by PBL, both the ILM and NCA community are now more aware of what they need to do to start working more effectively together towards a better world.