Services & Expertise

Services & Expertise

Altus Impact works with both public and private sector decision-makers to develop creative and well-evidenced solutions that address pressing development and environment challenges, from climate change, land degradation and biodiversity loss to poverty reduction and greening business.

Impact through COMMUNICATION

Crafting messages that matter

Impact through INFORMATION

Generating Data for Decision-Makers


Turning passion into purpose

Altus Impact uses the most rigorous quantitative and qualitative assessments using state of the art tools and methodologies. Secondly we ensure that the results and recommendations are effectively communicated and mainstreamed into government or business operations.

What we do

Altus Impact's professional services and expertise are inter-related, enabling us to provide coherent, multi-disciplinary strategic advice for your organisation.

Our methods

We use a portfolio of tools and methods, depending on the question under consideration, the needs of clients and data-availability, including: cost-benefit, cost-effectiveness, multi-criteria and stakeholder analysis; bio-economic and ecosystem services modeling; and life cycle, environmental and social impact assessments.

We also collaborate with associate experts in remote-sensing, agricultural and hydrological modelling, to effectively understand and map environment-economy interactions in the short, medium and long term.

Innovative project outputs

Altus Impact wants you to make an impact with the work you commission us to do. We don't want your outputs to sit in an unread and inaccessible document. We want to convince our 'client's clients'!

Altus Impact partners have experience and technical backing in writing and producing a wide range of innovative project outputs, including:

  • video productions
  • training materials
  • websites and mobile apps
  • infographics and presentations
  • brochures
Natural Capital Coalition logo

Altus Impact is a member of the Natural Capital Coalition

The Natural Capital Coalition is a global, multi stakeholder platform formed to develop and support the uptake of a harmonised, practical method to value environmental and social externalities for use in business decision-making.

Read our special report on the Natural Capital Protocol