Impact through Capacity Building

Impact through

Turning passion into purpose

We understand that trained and empowered individuals, teams, and institutions drive change.

As expert trainers, we can help you have impact through capacity building by ensuring your staff or partners are operating at full strength and are able to break through intellectual roadblocks.

Sustainability courses

Delivering on-line and in-person training courses to guarantee that your staff or partners understand the most cutting-edge sustainability theories and approaches.

Workshop design

We can bring together you and your partners to delve into new data, work through problems, and develop inclusive and salient solutions.

Curriculum design

Want to deliver training material yourself, but not sure where to start? We can help you design your course syllabi and put together comprehensive sustainability curricula.

Training and outreach materials

Need original materials that your course participants can study at home, or forward-looking syntheses of workshop findings? From one-pagers to academic publications, we have you covered.