Impact through Information

Impact through

Data for Decision Making

To create the conditions for change, we first find the evidence to support it.

Experts in economic research we can shed light on and help you address your natural resource impacts and dependencies. If you want to generate data or have it interpreted to inform decision making, we can help you have impact through information

Nature-based solutions, regenerative and agroecological farming

Supporting agri-food companies, NGOs and development banks in understanding the drivers of land re/and degeneration and assessing land degradation hotspots.

Advise and co-design of land regeneration strategies, and evaluation of outcomes and impacts on financial, human and natural capital.


Natural capital and ecosystem service valuation

Offering natural capital and ecosystem service valuation to help organizations identify, measure and value their impacts and dependencies on natural capital and integrate the value of nature into decision making. In undertaking natural capital assessments, we use state of the art technology in data collection, biophysical modelling, remote sensing and statistical analysis. We have also contributed to the development of the Natural Capital Protocol.

Earth observations, data analytics and scenario planning

Analysis of how yields, farmland profitability, hydrological and carbon cycles, respond to changing land cover and land use practices.

Future scenario development to model land use and climate change, and guide policy makers in envisioning the transformations needed for halting nature loss and mitigating climate change.


Circular economy strategies

Financial feasibility assessments of circular economy strategies to promote sustainable consumption and resource stewardship, and help close funding gaps.

Working with SMEs to align business priorities with changing industry and consumer trends, and showcase how the adoption of circular economy initiatives can reduce costs and generate new revenue streams.


Impact assessments and programme evaluation

Execution of social and environmental impact assessments that can be used to generate robust baselines, credible monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) plans of projects, programmes and policies.

Using best practice, research, scenario-modelling and evaluation, we help you reflect on your sustainability journey and advise on how you can evolve as you move forward.

Policy design, resource mobilization and innovative finance

Providing expertise in the design of market-based and regulatory instruments, and rural policies, to mobilize resources in support of a nature-positive and decarbonised economy.