Content development & design of a report to promote wildlife conservation

Nature in peril

Client: WWF-Myanmar | Jan 2019

WWF Cambodia


The development and construction of the Dawei-Htee Khee road through the rainforests of southern Myanmar provides significant economic opportunities for Myanmar and Thailand, its neighbour to the east. However, the road is planned to cut through a large area of intact primary forest, presenting significant impacts to biodiversity, particularly to the regions rare and large mammals - several of which are either endangered or threatened.

WWF in Myanmar wants to pressure the Myanmar government to undertake a fall and comprehensive environment and social impact assessment, to try and ensure the impact of the road construction on wildlife is minimized.


Altus Impact produced a tablet-friendly booklet, bringing together the history of the project, the latest science and engineering information and WWF's recommendations to the Myanmar government. The booklet contains engaging content, human-centric storytelling, vivid imagery and graphics. It was laid out in a user-friendly format using Indesign.


The report was released in January 2019 and has been distributed through WWF's networks in Government. It is therefore hoped that the Myanmar government will undertake an updated and more comprehensive environment and social impact assessment, which will ensure the right mitigation measures are put in place.

Booklet screen shots

Myanmar booklet page 2