Energy Efficiency Diagnostics for SMEs in Spain


Client: Various Spanish SMEs


Often, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) do not know how energy efficient they are, or the steps they could take to become more efficient. To address this issue, the Ministry for Ecological Transition of Spain and a digital transformation company in Madrid asked Altus consultants in Spain to design a user-friendly questionnaire, to rate the answers provided, and present concise, informative, and applicable recommendations.


After in-depth research in the energy efficient field, our consultants focused on energy efficiency in buildings and designed a lengthy yet user friendly questionnaire divided into the following 6 categories: 1) General building, 2) Heating and cooling, 3) lighting, 4) water, 5) windows, doors and insulation, and 6) office equipment and appliances. Our consultants developed specific and streamlined questions for each of the categories and provided quick answers for each and scored or rated for each answer provided. This enabled SMEs to better understand the category as a whole and evaluate their shortcomings. At the same time, SMEs were able to learn about how to create change to become more energy efficient. In addition, the consultants also provided lengthier responses with practical advice for each of the categories mentioned. Going into more depth gave SMEs more contextual knowledge as well as useful tips and recommendations to become more energy efficient.


The questionnaire served as a one-stop shop for SMEs. They were able evaluate their energy efficiency levels, highlight their inefficiency and learn about how to mitigate or alter them. The questionnaire and the recommendations were meant to be accessible, informative, and provide a quick rating so that SMEs could where they stand on energy efficiency and learn about what concrete steps to take to become more efficient. The questionnaire will be disseminated in its entirety using a innovative digital platform by the Ministry of Ecological Transition at a later date. Our consultants were instrumental in creating a thoughtful, well-researched yet approachable and useful assessment tool!