Content development & digital storytelling on the impacts of mining, Cambodia

Client: WWF-Cambodia

WWF Cambodia


Working with WWF-Cambodia, Altus Impact was hired to communicate the cumulative impacts of mining projects in the Eastern Plains Landscape in Cambodia, and why the adoption of a landscape planning approach over a business as usual approach would be the most sustainable in the medium and long term economically, socially and environmentally. The  challenge was to engage defined audiences with the content in a manner to impart knowledge and change behaviours and influence the decision of policymakers.


To do this, we developed a dedicated storytelling webpage for WWF-Cambodia which was structured and written in way to engage different audiences with specific messages and media (written content, maps, imagery, graphics and potentially, video) in a coherent narrative with an overall aim to educate stakeholders about the implications of the cumulative impact of development projects connected to mining.


WWF-Cambodia have utilised the content we created and built it into their own content management system using a digital storymaps feature. It is currently being used as an advocacy tool to promote the need for change in land use planning projects within affected landscapes in Cambodia among its relevant stakeholders.