Supporting the development of the Environmental Code in Cambodia

Client: Vishnu Law Group and UNDP Cambodia

United Nations Development Programme


Through developing a stronger legal framework, the Environmental Code seeks to promote the sustainable development of Cambodia through the protection of the environment and sustainable use of natural resources. The Code also intends to bring clarity in terms of jurisdictions and mandates among line ministries to ensure efficiency, and effectiveness towards achieving this sustainable development.


Altus Impact formed part of a consortium of international and national experts, led by the Vishnu Law Group, to develop the first ever Environmental Code for Cambodia. Within this consortium, we provided technical advice and backstopping support in the drafting process of the Code; specifically within the thematic areas of green economy development and best practices for improved natural resource management and biodiversity conservation.


The Environmental Code for Cambodia was finalised during 2017 and is set to be adopted during 2018 following budgetary discussions within the government.